Questions & Answers

Why should I install iVisual display panels?

iVisual panels let you display so much more compared to static printed images and text. From product and service information, updates and promotions to creating an atmosphere with video, sound, animation and special effects – the sky really is the limit for your visual communications.

And by using our centralised Cloud software, the content broadcast on your panels can always stay up-to-date, no matter how many you have, or where they are located.

What kind of cost is involved?

At iVisual, our digital display panels and software system is custom-made to suit your individual needs. Prices start from $3,900 for a fully automated digital display (with a single 42" HD LED Monitor). A single 1, 2 or 3-year contract between iVisual and your business includes a fixed fee of $60-$80 per month plus the cost of your hardware display panel. You have the option of renting or purchasing the hardware outright.

Does an iVisual solution include customer service?

Yes it does, around the clock. You will always have help at hand, 24x7.

What are the main features & benefits of iVisual display panels?

  • Readable under strong lighting
  • Enhanced contrast ratio for both indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Optimised colour saturation, brightness, and viewing angles
  • Full mechanical and electrical compliance with traditional displays
  • Power saving and backlight life preserving technology in outdoor applications
  • No additional heat generation even when viewed at higher brightness levels

What are the benefits of digital display Software as a service (SaaS)?

Today, we all expect our key professional services to be available online. Your service from iVisual is no different. Using our cloud-based online management software, we give the freedom and flexibility to access and manage your digital display panels anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection.

With iVisual, your data is secured, professionally hosted and backed up, and our free automatic updates ensure that your operating system software is never out of date.